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Monday, November 15, 2010


Well, I couldn't have asked for things to go better my first day as hostess for COTT.  We had over 70 votes come in!  I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

We are getting very close to knowing whether or not I am still in the running in the Operation First Novel contest.  I'm keeping busy and trying not to think too much about it but I really hope I get that call! (or email or whatever they use!)  I think I'm going to have hubby book my flight for me this week- now that's REAL committment.  I need to take this step to ensure I get myself to the conference regardless of the contest results.  If the contest doesn't work out, I have to just keep going. (Thanks, JoAnn, for the timely encouragement!) The search for an agent will resume, this time in person at the Writing For The Soul conference. 

It's still three months away, but I need to start working on my one-sheet and whatever I'm supposed to have with me.  I'd like to have my next manuscript at least started, and I want to revisit my query.  I don't know how all these other authors with young children do it, but my toddler keeps me from doing anything creative!  Naps, you say?  Well- that's when I fit several hours of homeschool, budgeting, cleaning and meal planning into about 90 minutes... IF I'M LUCKY! Early morning, you say?  My son wakes up if I try and sneak out of bed early- he's always in there with me by then!  So this season of my life is definitely revolving around my little man.  God knows that- but will agents and publishers? I hope the slower productivity this upcoming year isn't a deterrant for BEAUTY FOR ASHES. But even that is in the Lord's hands.

I do sense the Lord's hand on me with Clash of the Titles.  I feel strongly that it was He who brought me into the circle of women starting up this new web venture and enabled me to meet other authors, even other homeschooling ones! He's doing something with it, that's for sure. I may be exhausted much of the time but I'm still excited to see what He's doing!

P.S. Something neat and a bit odd: A week or so ago my step-brother met Kirk Cameron at the airport and had a nice talk with him; then yesterday my next-door neighbor just met Kirk too. Isn't that weird? When's my turn? Kind of random, I know.  But I just had to share it with you.

Did you vote today?  Tell me about it!

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