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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whatevah Wednesday: I've been tagged!

A short while ago, my new friend Marji Laine "tagged" me on her blog. Always one to jump in to the online fun, today I am answering 5 questions and tagging 5 other bloggers. Here we go!

  • Do you think you're hot?

Since our A/C seems to escape through our old insulation the moment it blasts forth from the vents, yes. Yes I would.

  • Upload a picture of the wallpaper you are using.

  • When was the last time you ate chicken?

Last night. Creamy chicken noodle Chicken Helper.

  • What song or songs have you listened to recently?

That would have to be the theme song to Cars, as my 2 year-old wants it on constantly, as well as "You Remind Me Of The Babe" playing in my head (from Labrynth.) Don't ask why, I have no clue! Neither boost my writing, lol.

  • Do you have any nicknames? If so what are they?

My husband and mom call me Shell. Sometimes it gets picked up by people who see it on Facebook or hear them use it, but it never feels right when anyone else calls me that. When I was a wee lass, my daddy called me Tweak and Baby Poo. Yeah, a little odd, right? lol. But a sacred memory.

Incidentally, a pastor at my church on Sunday made an excellent comment regarding labeling and name-calling: It's not what people call you, it's what you answer to. Love that!

  • Tag 5 bloggers:
Alright, I've got my tagging gun sights set on...

A Writer's Journey- April Gardner
Another Year in Reviews- Jacki Newberry
Jennifer's Pen- Jen Aulthouse
Tea Cup Living- Carolyn K Knefely
Tammy's Book Parlor- Tammy G.

Check out the above bloggers and say "hello". =) Thanks for joining me today.

Now it's your turn: What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?


Joanne Sher said...


Gotta say Bugs Bunny was my favorite as a kid (and STILL is!). But there were TONS others - Hong Kong Phooey, Sylvester and Tweety, Schoolhouse Rock, Scooby Doo, Speedy Gonzalez, etc. etc. etc.

Jen said...

This is so exciting, I've never been tagged before! Thanks for the traffic!

And Smurfs, definitely.

Michelle Massaro said...

Hi Joanne! Gotta love the classics, right?

Jen, the smurfs were my fave too. Well, one of them. I remember I had a Smurfette cake for my 6th birthday and I collected the little figurines. =) Not liking the looks of the new movie though. Have fun being tagged! =)

April W Gardner said...

Fun stuff! There's a Smurfs movie coming out? Will have to google it. Smurfs was my favorite too, so I'll pick my second favorite--The Snorks. 80's kid all the way!

JackiAnne said...

Oh goodness...well, like Joanne, I'm still a sucker for the Looney Toons classics and I have the Schoolhouse Rock collection on DVD but I think my favorite would have to be The Animaniacs (even though I wasn't a kid when they came out).

Carolyn K. Knefely said...

What a creative way to have fun, Michelle. Thanks for the tag. This is a catchy way to meet fellow blogger. You're a winner in my book.

My favorite cartoon character was and still is Tweety Bird. He's cute and always keeps his figure.

Uplifting blessing while you continue to tag on!

Jessica R. Patch said...

I'm losing comments on blogger today. Not cool.

Love David Bowie in that movie. "Who do? You do!" Thanks for putting the song in my head.

"Wee lass" ??? You going Irish on me today? lol

Scooby Doo! All the way! I think that may be why I love adding myseries into my mss. If only DH would let me put a Mystery Machine wrap on our mini-van!

I also watched Smurfs and Dungeons and Dragons (when my mom was still sleeping b/c she banned that cartoon--which is why I watched it! lol)

Michelle Massaro said...

April- I remember the Snorks! Basically just Smurf Cousins, lol. The smurfs movie looks "modernized" with inappropriate humor. I doubt I'll see it.

Jacki- I love schoolhouse Rock! It's a great concept and I wish they still used it today. I never did care for Animaniacs, though my kids watched it for a year or two.

Carolyn- well, thanks! =) I love your teacups on your blog. And yes, I thought it'd be great to get to know you my "tagging" ya. Sneaky, huh? ;-) One of my treasured memories of my grandma is her teaching me to draw Betty Boop and Tweety Bird. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings back on you!

Jess- Yes, I'm in my kilt today. ;) One of my stuffed animals (a unicorn) was named Daphne. I never watched D&D but I did sneak in a bit of He-Man (I have the power!). Ahh... Saturday morning cartoons were the best! Having networks on 24/7 just isn't the same. No great memories that way. Our poor kids!

Thanks ya'll! (now I'm an Irish Texan, lol)

Raquel Byrnes said...

Okay, so David Bowie's frighteningly tight pants were enough to sufficiently creep me out to not watch that movie more than once. Love the song though...fun post. :)

Bethany Kaczmarek said...

Ha! That video was something else. Now I know. For years, Boyfriend-Who-Is-My-Husband has sung that song, and I had no idea why it was such a fun memory for him. Should've checked it out awhile ago. Thanks for the trip down BWIMH's Memory Lane.

Bethany Kaczmarek said...

Also, does anyone remember the suspender-wearing wolf who kept trying to trick the little lamb? "Whadya say, Billy, Billy, Billy boy boy?"

I loved that one.

Michelle Massaro said...

Raquel- LOL! too true!

Bethany- glad to be of service. :) I haven't heard that line you quoted. What's it from?

Thanks for stopping by ladies!