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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Crit Partner For Hire

Today, I did something exciting and a little bit scary. I hung my shingle and declared myself available as a "crit partner for hire." After making announcements on Facebook and Twitter, and through the ACFW e-Loop, I've already completed one free sample critique, which was very well-received. =)

I'm excited at this new scenery on my road to publication and wanted to share it with ya'll. All this week I'm offering free one-page critiques. I know I need to prove myself to all my fellow authors and I'm eager to do it.

Do YOU want a free critique? Please let me have a crack at it, no obligation. Are you polishing up that all-important First Page, or getting your project ready to pitch? Want help diving into deeper POV? I'm your gal. 

If you're willing to let me take a peek, attach and send your one page in a Word doc to michelle_massaro at hotmail dot com. In the body of the email, please tell me the genre and time period. Fiction only. No Speculative or Sci-Fi, sorry! But supernatural elements are fine. 

I've added a new page here on my blog for my critiques and on it you can read endorsements from some of the partners I've worked with before. Here's the direct link with more information: Critiques

Let me end with a question today...have you ever paid for a critique and if so what was your experience like? Anything you want to share about critiques--partnerships, groups, paid--is welcome in the comments of this post. I want to hear from you!

Monday, June 11, 2012

COTT's New Contests!

Clash of the Titles' monthly clashes 
have received a makeover! 

Our focus is now on novels new to bookstore shelves. COTT's readers will always have the most up-to-date information on the best and newest Christian literature. 
Thanks to you, our faithful readers, Clash of the Titles’ new unpublished authors literary contest has been christened—


The path to publication in novel length is the most difficult a writer will embark on. For most, it’s a steep, uphill climb littered with deep crevices and seemingly insurmountable boulders. Often, it feels as though the summit of that mountain is on the move, keeping one toehold ahead of even the most relentless writer.

Ancient Olympia, Greece *Attribution
In classical times ancient Olympia was the site of the original Olympic Games. It sat at the foot of Mount Olympus, the tallest, most formidable mountain in Greece. The first Olympic Games were held in honor of Zeus, but at Clash of the Titles, we give all honor to the Most High God and wish every contestant His greatest blessing!

Authors, submissions for The Olympia pen October 29, 2012. For preliminary details, please visit The Olympia page.
If you would like more information on how to be a part of our monthly New Releases Clashes, 
please visit our Submissions page.

*Attribution: This image (or other media file) is in the public domain because its copyright has expired. United States Public Domain.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Literary Contest Comes To COTT

Get Ready to Spar!

Dust off those swords (in the Spirit, of course) and put on that literary armor, 
because Clash of the Titles has an announcement.

The Laurel Award is expanding, and we know you’ll be excited about it.

We are creating a NEW annual literary contest, and it’s strictly for unpublished writers! 
Also, authors will no longer need to be a previous Clash Champion in order to compete for the crown. 

Submissions for this contest open October 29, 2012
but first we must name it. That’s right! We want your help naming this exciting, new branch of Clash of the Titles. After reading about it, please take a moment to click on which name you think most fitting for this contest—The Spartan OR The Olympia. (Use survey below.)

About this new contest:

All never before published writers of Christian fiction may submit their work.
$10 Entry fee.
First two chapters will be judged.
Final scoring by a select panel of beta-readers.

Special feature on Clash of the Titles' blog.
Tour through COTT’s Blog Alliance.
Page on our site for a full year.
Podcast interview with Author and CAG board member, Cynthia L. Simmons.
A beautiful plaque.

The outcome is in the hands of readers, not industry professionals.

You’ve written the book of your dreams, now what do readers think? Enter the arena and find out. 

Stay tuned for further dates and details by 
subscribing to our blog and “liking” our Facebook page.

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