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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Christmas Online Book-Signing Bash!

I am so excited about this event!  I just found out about this awesome opportunity and you can bet I'll be doing some Christmas shopping here.

What is it?  Well, here's the deal: Starting on black Friday, you have the opportunity to peruse books by 75 different authors and have them sign your purchases before shipping them to you- OR to your gift recipient!  Isn't that awesome!  You can give autographed books to loved ones without driving down to bookstores and waiting in line to get your copy signed- IF you are even lucky enough to have a signing happening within driving distance.  Your friends will be thrilled with their autographed books and you will have done it all from your comfortable chair in front of your computer screen. =)

Christian Review of Books is partnering with CrossPurposes Bookstore to bring us this wonderful event and I can't help but wonder- how come nobody has thought of this before??  Leave it to Roseanna White to come up with a great idea like this!

Another plus: Many of our COTT winners are among the authors taking part in this Book-Signing Bash.  It's a Clash Bash! Ha!
Yeah, I'm clever aren't I?

Here are a few authors from the list who I recognize from Clash of the Titles:

  • Margaret Brownley
  • Lena Nelson Dooley
  • Eleanor Gustafson
  • and our very own April Gardner!


If you love this idea as much as I do, please help spread the news about it by grabbing the button below to share on your website or blog too.  I want this to be successful enough that authors will keep doing this so I can have an easier time getting those signed copies! ;o)

Book Signing Button

~ Happy Shopping!!

*What do you think?  Share your reaction to this book event!


Jennifer L. Armentrout said...

Very cool!!

Michelle Massaro said...

I agree! =) Thanks for stopping by!

Tessa Emily Hall ~ Christ is Write said...

Great idea! I may have to look into this. Thanks for sharing. =)