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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Life and Schedule of Published Authors

I'm getting ready for my host week on COTT, interviewing the authors.  Authors I am so honored to be getting to know, and whose lives I am getting a peek into.  Most are on deadlines- maybe starting a new book while editing another and celebrating the release of yet another.  What an adventure! Could I do what they're doing, keep up with their writing schedule? No. Not this week anyway.  This season in my life does not give me room to focus on my writing as much as I'd like to, or would need to if I were at their level.  But a short while from now, the season will change.  Oh, I'll always be busy.  No doubt about that.  But as my toddler moves into preschool age and begins to expand his world a bit more beyond Mom, it should be easier to steal a few more precious writing moments here and there. So I hope one day that I too will be writing a new book while celebrating a release and outlining a third.  Awesome!

Meanwhile I am gathering mentors and studying what they do.  I am loving stepping into their world even in this tiny way.  And I am SO EXCITED about my week as host on COTT! I get to welcome not just two, not three, but FOUR authors my week!  WOO HOO!! And I even get to announce their names ahead of time!  But I'll wait a few more days to do that- just to torture you! Just kidding.  I want to wait till next week's clash is underway before I announce them.  My host week will be November 15th through the 19th, so please everybody come and participate that week and drop a line in the comments to say "hello"- I'd love to know you're out there!

What about the rest of you authors?  Are you finding as much time to write as you'd like to?  Are you working on a professional schedule, perhaps even attempting NaNo?  How do you do it, or what keeps you from it?  Share your perspective!

Have a blessed weekend!

~ Michelle


Jill said...

Writing is something I have to schedule for. I don't worry as much about blogging or social networking, in general. Sometimes, I'm unable to write, but I take every opportunity I have. I would never want my family to suffer (at least not too much!). I'm not doing NaNo, though, and I'm not a professional yet. Maybe someday.

Michelle Massaro said...

Thanks for chiming in, Jill! I agree, scheduling the time is necessary. But so hard sometimes! I have to be in "the zone" to write a novel. Edits are a bit different and easier for me to work on in the midst of a bustling household. But to write a first draft I really do need to carve out that "me time" to really concentrate on just the story. And that's difficult these days. I have not begun my NaNo but I would have liked to crank out the first draft of my next novel if I'd had the circumstances to allow for it. =)