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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Research on "The Biz"

I did a lot of online reading yesterday; it's all I could manage with Trevor ever-intent on climbing up the dining room chairs and anything else around. So even if I didn't get much writing or editing done, I came across some really cool stuff!

*I found and added an "email notification" function to the blog! Now you can get a message when I add new content! It's on the left, top of the list. I also got the feedburner set up for those who use that. Look Mom, I'm a blogger!

*Book giveaways- Christian Book Giveaways Free books are always good! I entered a couple drawings I found on this list. Good for social networking and for ideas on marketing my own book when (not if)it goes to print.

*Agent blogs- I read several posts and articles today on agents' sites, but one in particular was Books and Such: Many good articles to help you get inside an agent's head! I read an entire series of posts about query letters as well as sage advice on how best to redeem the time while you are waiting, and waiting, and waiting on those circulating queries. Definitely worth a read!

*Proposal-writing ebook- I purchased an ebook about Writing a Winning Book Proposal from Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers- can't wait to take the time to dig into this!

*Blog advice- Michael Hyatt also has several articles about successful blogging; I hope I can live up to my desire to give valuable information to other writers out there and put these tips to good use!

*I got replies from two of the music publishers regarding my usage of song lyrics. Progress! I didn't get the full skinny on pricing, but I was directed to a website one of them has set up for such things. I haven't found the right description for my intended use on their "rates" page yet. It's on my list to figure out this week. In case you are looking for song rights to similar music (this one was a worship song), the site is Musicservices.org

The other song publisher wants to know more about the book and whether I have a release date for it yet (ha! I wish!) I find the whole process very interesting and will be sure to keep you posted.

*I sent out another query yesterday- go me!- and I am very excited about this agent. When I sent the first query I had butterflies in my tummy; I really really hoped to get a positive response from her, but it was met with rejection (as you know). I sent out another three which I wasn't quite as enthusiastic about and I'm still waiting to hear back. But this agent I queried yesterday is perhaps putting me on even more pins and needles than the first!

I have perused her authors' blogs and websites and read their bios, and these women appear like kindred spirits- both in their motivation to write Christian fiction as well as their personal lives. One is even a homeschooling mom (a venture I am embarking on this fall). I would be honored to be in the company of these women- both as authors and as followers of Christ. I don't have any false illusions- I know rejection is still likely. But I am much more confident in the quality of this query than the first, so I stubbornly cling to hope! My goal is to send out four more queries this week, in case this agent says "pass".

Tell me: What kind of agent would you be most excited to work with?


Dana said...

You are so awesome! Keep on keeping on. I'm impressed by your perseverance. I have read the first few chapters of the book, so far I really like it. See you soon! :)

Michelle Massaro said...

Thanks Dana! =)