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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Breadcrumbs for ME

Read a great blog post on what to expect between novel completion and publication and LOVED IT! I just HAD to share it!

I got another rejection today, but that's alright. Time to send out more queries.

Today was Brandon's last day of school. He is now officially a high school SOPHOMORE -yikes! I'm so proud and so disoriented. When did my baby grow up? Next week Kaitlyn graduates from elementary school and Amy reaches "double digits". What the heck? Who told them they could do that? At least Trevor is still little and I plan to keep him that way forever! *Sigh*. Sing it with me people: "Sunrise, sunset; Sunrise, sunset..." Someone pass the tissues please.
***Oh. Em. GOODNESS!** As I was typing this blog post, Hubby came in with the mail and handed me an envelope from Christian Writers Guild. Say what? That's the fastest "4-6 weeks" I've ever seen! I held the envelope in my hands, heart starting to pound. I was nervous! What would it say? Was I ready to find out? The glue on the envelope flap was holding on like grim death and I had to rip it off bit by bit just to gain access. All the while thinking it was a lot of effort for something I wasn't positive I could handle reading just then anyway. But then I had it in my hands. Breathe.

The cover letter is intimidating. A preface to the critique. A "now don't feel too bad" note, meant to soften the blow on the following pages. Yipes!

Next page...

I'm not allowed to quote the actual critique. Sorry! But I will say that it was very thorough and encouraging! There were areas highlighted that I could fix up, but there was plenty of positive feedback on the meatier parts as well. Overall, I am thrilled with the experience and already figuring out if I'd like to send in some more! I want to send in more, but it's a question of finances. I can't very well send in the whole darn thing after all. I can afford another small sample but which one? Do I send in what comes next or skip to somewhere in the middle to see if my writing stays consistent throughout?

I would LOVE your opinions on this! Maybe I'll use this as an opportunity to post my first "poll" on the blog! Hmmm... that's an idea!

What part of the story should be sent in for critique?


Phoenix said...

Oh, but you don't have a "don't send anything" option in your poll. Now, I have a very strong opinion on this subject, which may not jive at all with what you want to do, and that's OK. Following your heart always trumps the advice of strangers ;o)

Here's where you can find my rant.

Michelle Massaro said...

I read your "rant"; thanks for that! You have a great point. I think what happens for inexperienced (yes I said it) writers like me, is the thrill of getting a critique from a "real professional" is so exhilirating that it diminishes the relative value of a critique circle. Yes that is probably unfair. But you can't help it! After all, these are people "in the biz", not your peers.

CWG is not truly an editing service, but a critique service. I have looked at editing services and they are WOWZA expensive. I couldn't do it. I just have to hope my mistakes aren't so glaring as to preclude my story from being noticed, so that I can get to the point where the editing would be thrown in for free. (that long sentence could use some editing itself). But professional critique appeals to me on a different level.

That being said, in all honesty you are probably right and the wise thing to do is probably to not throw more money at something like this. Instead I should probably save up to attend a conference where I can rub elbows with agents and learn me lots of good stuffs.

Thanks for stopping by and jumping in!