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Monday, June 6, 2011

Social Media Monday: Spotlight

So far you've met Jessica Patch, Jennifer Slattery, April Gardner, Elaine Cooper, Elizabeth Veldoom, Becki Reiser, and Donna Pyle. Today I'd like to shine a spotlight on a few more wonderful writers I've been getting to know online recently.

Ane Mulligan- Ane writes "southern-fried fiction". Isn't that a great tagline? Ane is an editor with Novel Journey and a humor columnist for Afictionado. She also serves on the ACFW Operating Board. If you are a member of ACFW, you will recognize Ane's name from the email loop. She is always quick to answer a question and help out a fellow writer. Something else cool about Ane? Not only does she write, she's also a theater buff! Ane, we gotta go see a play one day. There's a great little dinner theater not too far from me. I'd love to take you. Ring me up next time you're in So Cal. =)

Katie Ganshert- Katie is a work-at-home mamma who has a knack for bringing out the writing bug in her young students. She's got a great blog with plenty of advice for up and coming authors like me, and she's got such a friendly countenance . Katie is just on the other side of the second hill in the climb to publication, having found representation by Rachelle Gardner and landed a book deal! Woot! Her debut novel will be released next May through Waterbrook Multnomah.

Carol Moncado- Carol is a great messenger buddy who is always there to be a sounding board when you need one. She's also editor in chief at Pentalk Community Blog, and we've joked now about how formal we both were when we first "met" online because of that title. Carol is a very approachable, down to earth kind of gal that puts you right at ease. Her favorite place to write? Panera! I love that. If you're ever up late at night thinking nobody is around to answer a question on the loop or bounce an idea off of, chances are high that Carol is up working on critting your WIP while she waits for her 3 yo to stop wandering out of his bedroom and finally go to sleep... for reals!  =)

Who are some of your favorite people online? Share a name, and remember there are still 5 days left to enter my $10 Amazon card drawing by leaving a comment and following my blog.


CarolM said...

Um, I think I follow your blog.

One of my favorite peeps - why you darling!

I have a bunch of other faves:

*my website was designed by Ang - a friend for 11+ years, who I've never met in real life. She has been my fan for nearly as long - believing this would one day happen for me. She's still believing. Sometimes more than I do.

*Becki - who I do know in real life but only ever see online. Also one of my biggest supporters.

*Beth - another friend I've never met in real life. And probably won't ever. But I still <3 her.

*Jan. My 'other mom'. Mom of my BFF. Encouragement. Smack upside the head when needed.

And soon to be published again. With insanely awesome news to go along with it.

That's enough for now ;).

Got stuff I'm supposed to be doing... =D

Jessica R. Patch said...

Oh, wow, I have so many! I love Kristen Lamb's blog and Jill Kemerer's. Keli Gywn has a great one too! Seekerville ladies are pretty fab also. There's just sooo many!

Ane Mulligan said...

You are a sweetheart! And you've got a date ... next time I'm in SoCal. Got family there, so you never know. We used to get season tickets to the Long Beach Civic light opera. Saw some great shows there. :)

Donna said...

Thanks, Michelle, for more great interviews! It's such a treat to get to know fellow authors better. I love Ane's "southern fried fiction" tagline. Southerners can relate! I also love Katie's heart for children and her encouragement to bring out their potential. Carol, Panera is a GREAT place to write!!

Michelle Massaro said...

Thanks ladies!

Carol, sounds like you've got lots of online buds!

Jessica, I'll have to check out Keli, I think I know the rest!

Ane, it used to be called Elizabeth Howard's Curtain Call Dinner Theater but now it's just Curtain Call Dinner Theater. In Tustin. Been going since I was in grade school. Got a call back to a show once when I auditioned in about the 4th grade. Sound of Music. Didn't make it though, oh well. =)

Donna, how have you been, girl? It's been awhile, they keeping you busy? =) Thanks for stopping by!

Gina Conroy said...

Favorite peeps online: Jenny B. Jones is always good for a hearty chuckle! And I'm just getting know some of the great writing blogs some of you already mentioned!