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Monday, May 2, 2011

Social Media Monday: Elizabeth Veldboom

One of my favorite friendships I made this year is with this sweet girl right here. She has such a gentle spirit that draws you to her. She can be a little bit shy--the quiet one in a group--but with a little bit of prodding she'll open up and reveal such grace and faith you will be blessed.  Keep an eye on this one, folks! And bless her with a word of encouragement today. =)

Introduce yourself:
My name is Elizabeth (Lizzie) Veldboom. I am a newly-minted twenty year old, and a student in Jerry B. Jenkin’s Christian Writers Guild. I live in a small town in Colorado, where I enjoy eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, singing, and playing with my niece.

What do you write?
Mostly nonfiction articles, for now. That includes devotions, how-to pieces, and pretty much anything else that strikes my fancy. I’d like to get more into developing my fiction soon. In the long run, I’d love to be an author.

What are you working on right now?
A new blog post, as well as a submission for a Christmas version of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

How did you and I meet?
We met at the Writing for the Soul Conference in Denver. I actually got to meet Michelle only one out of the four days of the conference. I went with her and a few other ladies to a local Starbucks where we talked and laughed about everything from book ideas, to funny regional phrases, to being afraid of cats. It was a good time, and one of the highlights of my trip!

Mine too, Lizzie! What's the most exciting thing that has happened this year, relating to your writing?
My first “official” article was published by Susie Magazine, which is run by the former editor of Brio Magazine, Susie Shellenberger. I grew up reading Brio, so to write for Susie now was such an honor and dream come true.

That's awesome--congratulations! I can't wait to check that out. Lizzie, can you talk about how you use social media in your writing career?  
Social media has immensely affected my writing relationships. I attended my first ever Writing for the Soul Conference this February in Denver, and met some awesome new friends I really wanted to stay in contact with. The problem was, all of them lived in other states! Without things like Facebook, email, blog sites, and websites, I would never have stayed in touch with any of them. With Facebook and the internet, one of the people I have managed to stay in contact with was Michelle, which I am tremendously grateful for! (Goes both ways, my dear!)

Through email, I have also forged a really great friendship with someone else I met at the conference. We pretty much email each other daily, and I feel as if I’ve found the Anne to my Diana--a kindred spirit. Without email, I might never have talked to her again.

Social media has also affected my marketing strategy (if it can even be said I have a strategy!), although on a lesser level. The blog I keep helps my readers to stay updated on things I have published, either through a link I place on my blog or by telling them to be on the lookout for something. My blog has also provided a few new fans to my writing I have never met before.

Facebook is another great avenue for this. Whereas before I could verbally mention that I’m having something published, I’ve gotten a lot more interest when I can provide a link on Facebook anyone can click on to see what I’ve had published. It also helps me keep friends and relatives who have moved or live far away updated.

You've nailed it. Where would our relationships be without global technology? What advice would you give to other aspiring authors?
Definitely keep God first in everything. Pray the entire way, and seek His advice on every decision you have to make. Don’t give up and keep your dreams alive. As my great aunt who used to be a missionary would say, “If God’s called you to it, then nothing can stop it from happening.”

Perfect advice, Lizzie. You are wise beyond your 20 years! Before we go, can you share a snippet from your latest project?
From my current work in progress, tentatively titled: Flawless
Words: 153
Choosing a seat near the back, Parlan flung his book bag on the floor. Like the two students sitting next to him, he just wanted to avoid the professor’s questions. He got out his sketchpad and began drawing the Eiffel Tower as Professor McGinnan opened class. He’d only been to Paris once, with his father. But he didn’t need a picture. He drew from memory.
He needed to get the image out of his mind. The Eiffel was always there--looming and brilliant. He had a lot of pictures like those in his mind. The only way he could get rid of them was to draw them out. He could recall them if he wanted to--in flawless detail. But not now. Right now it reminded him of too many things, and he wanted it out.
He pushed down harder on the pencil.
“Mr. Christofferson!”
Parlan looked up to see Professor McGinnan glaring at him.

Thanks for the peek! Tell us where we can find you online.
My blog:
contributing book reviewing website:
My article from Susie Magazine on preventing teen suicide: http://www.susiemagazine.com/Magazine/Library/January-2011/How-to-Save-a-Life-Three-Ways-to-Respond-to-a-Suic.aspx

Lizzie, thank you so much for spending this time with us today.  I pray many blessings on your writing and I hope to see you again next February at the WFTS conference so we can have more fun times like THIS -->>


Jessica R. Patch said...

Lizzie! Congrats on your official article and don't dog my fear of cats! ;) What would that be on the fear list? It was a great interview today. You're a beauty queen!

Brandi said...

Hi, Lizzie! Nice to meet you! Congratulations on your article, and I wish you the best with your submission to Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Thanks for introducing us to Lizzie, Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Michelle: You are so sweet! Thanks again for the interview, and thank you so much for such a kind intro! It touched me and means a lot to me. I only wish we would have met each other earlier in the conference so we could have gotten to know each other better. Ah, well. I guess social media will have to suffice! :)

Jessica: Thank you so much! Haha, dog your fear of cats? I would never! ;) Hm, what would that be on The Fear List? Well, if you wanted to overcome your fear of cats you could spend a day with a crazy cat lady and help brush them, haha. But I looked it up for you. The phobia for the fear of cats is Ailurophobia. Seek help. ;)

Brandi: Thank you so much! It's absoutely wonderful to meet you as well! :) Are you a writer too?

Xochi E. Dixon said...

I am praising God for this sisterhood of Christian authors!

I met Lizzie via FB on a fellow author's page! She has been a tremendous blessing of encouragement and is an incredibly gifted AUTHOR!

I look forward to seeing what God has in store for her as she continues to seek Him daily and write for His glory!

Thanks for sharing this interview, Michelle. I look forward to connecting with you, as well other sisters in Christ who serve God through their writing, speaking and teaching.

Praying God will continue to bless the ministry He's placed on your heart, using you in mighty ways to equip and encourage His sheep. You are a beautiful woman of God!