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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whatevah Wednesday: Mugs

Yep, mugs.

My coffee cup collection is very dear to my heart.  I didn't set out to "collect" mugs.  It just sort of happened.  They each are special for different reasons and make me feel a certain way when I use them.

I drink at least one cup of coffee every day. There's something about wrapping your hands around a warm cup and swallowing down a hot drink that makes me go "ahhh!"  Actually, I think I enjoy the idea of coffee even more than coffee itself, if I'm honest. The feeling of having a moment to myself to relax is embodied by a cup of java.

So here is a photo of some of my favorite mugs.  I have more favorites but they wouldn't fit in the shot.

On the top row is my COTT mug.  I love this mug because not only do I really like Clash of the Titles, I love the group of women I work with.  We each have a mug like this with our name and title and I think of them, and of how blessed I am to be part of this group, every time I use mine. I always wonder if one of them might be drinking from hers at the same moment. (Are you?)

The next one is my cocker puppy mug.  We have two cocker spaniels--Chloe and Reese--and I grew up with a cocker (Sammy), so this cup just makes me smile.  Isn't it cute?

That photo mug was made in December of 2009 and I adore it! Every member of my family smiles at me from that cup whenever I drink from it, and I always smile back.  Everyone is changing so quickly and I enjoy holding onto "the way we were" in the form of a coffee cup.  I look at it much more often than an album.

The penguin mug was a gift from my daughter Amy, and she was so excited to give it to me.  It's adorable, but more importantly, she is adorable and I love her to pieces.

Next up: Paris!  I haven't been to Paris personally but my husband brought this back for me.  I always pretend I am sitting in a cafe, looking out at the Tower, when sipping from this mug.  It inspires me.

The Colosseum.  Ahhh, Rome.  Now Rome I DID get to visit. Trip of a lifetime!  This one also inspires me, a great mug to use while writing.  The emotions invoked when standing in the colosseum, reflecting on the Christians who gave their lives there, are readily recalled when I hold this cup in my hands.  Everything about that amazing trip is now attached to this mug--the Trevi fountain, the Cat Park (ask me sometime), the guy playing the fiddle on the sidewalk, the cafe we frequented during our visit. 

And last on today's list is the coffee cup I painted a year and a half ago featuring Trevor's footprints. He was 3 months old and it was our wedding anniversary.  Mike painted an AMAZING plate of Michaelangelo's The Creation Of Adam.  I may not have his lofty skills but I love love love my mug.  Inside, the bottom says "Good Morning".  So I get a friendly greeting (lol), a memory of painting with my husband, and a memory of Trevor's little baby toes.

These all make me smile and when I write, they help me start from a good place.  Of course, sometimes my coffee goes cold when my fingers get to flying, but it's the thought that counts. Speaking of "thoughts", look for my post Friday about 5 things writers can learn from coffee!

What about you?  Do you like coffee mugs or some other smiley collection?

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Jessica R. Patch said...

I love mugs too. I have a select few that I have to use during my bible study time. If I don't have any of those 4, I kind of freak out! My friend, Heather, always brings me back a mug from cool places she visits and I have to pick one up when I'm somewhere new...like Thailand!
I would love to go to Rome. What a fun post, Michelle! Here's to a great cup!

Michelle Massaro said...

Thank you, Jessica! lol, it's funny you mention freaking out because sometimes I freak out on my family if they use one of my special mugs straight from the dishwasher before I get to it. Thailand, by the way, might be fun. I think Mike might have been there before but I can't keep up with all his trips, lol.

I enjoyed a great cup this morning in my photo mug. What about you?