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Friday, April 22, 2011

Fiction Friday: 411

Story Improv and Journey Updates:

I'm still waiting for my Genesis score sheets, and if you've entered before perhaps you can understand. (Image: take your pick)

I was sorely disappointed not to make the first cut but I'm eager to find out why and learn how I can improve. Patience my dear, patience.

In other news I had an article posted on Romantic Times last week and am thrilled that I can now add that to my bio.  Woo Hoo--go me!  It's a reminder that even the slightest forward motion will get me places eventually. 

My schedule is still overflowing, leaving me scarcely room to breathe let alone write, and sometimes I fear I'll never finish this redraft let alone write another novel. But then I remember that I am spreading my reach like roots through the soil of cyberspace--through COTT and the Blog Alliance, ACFW, and guest posts on The Write Conversation, Circle of Friends, and now RT--and I praise God that He's got my course laid out for me already.  The edits may be coming in 10-minute bursts but the relationship-building is laying a foundation for a writing career that I will most certainly need to stand upon when my time of publication finally comes.

That is why I was inspired to start the Social Media Mondays, by the way, and next week we'll be getting to know Becki Reiser.  Like Donna, I met her at the conference and now keep in touch with her mostly through facebook.  I hope you'll make a point to drop by and say "hello" on Monday.

With my personal news and updates out of the way, I thought everyone might be up for another Story Improv this week! This time I will leave it open longer.  The plan is to post the complete story tomorrow evening by about 7pm PST. 

Here's your opening line:

Jordyn Esquire perched on the edge of her seat, soaking in the words of Mr. Daniel T. Jacobs like a thirsty sponge.


CarolM said...

And then you help me.

Cuz you rock ;).

I haven't gotten my Genesis sheets back either. I'm glad I'm not the only one =D.

Michelle Massaro said...

Aww, thanks Carol! Let me know when you get your scores back!

(Feel free to add a line to our Story Improv!)

Jessica R. Patch said...

Okay, so he was her law professor and maybe she shouldn't feel the heat rush into her cheeks with every defined syllable he crooned, but she was a woman.

Katharine said...

And what a man he was! He was tall -- tall like a utility pole, straight and unwavering. In fact, his skin was rough, also pole-like. And he mumbled, and Jordyn thought, that if poles could talk, they would ramble on, like Professor Jacobs did. Rambled. She sighed. She was sorry this class was only three hours long.

Aunt Kari said...

His preaching had captivated her heart months ago, but now, as he passionately expounded on the scriptures in the book of Ruth, she couldn't help but feel that somehow she was being swept into the arid fields where Ruth was gleaning, and hearing the rich laugh of Boaz as he invited, not Ruth, but her, to come and rest herself a while, and enjoy his pleasant company. She blushed, embarrassed at her lack of focus. A question had tiptoed its way into her distracted thoughts: could Mr. Daniel T. Jacobs be the Boaz she had so longed for? A sudden wave of conflicting emotions crashed over her conscience, until the reverberating tones of a male voice dragged her from the dreamy gleaning fields into the coolness of the lecture hall..."Jordyn, are you all right? You look quite ill..."

Claudia Rizzi said...

"Um.....uh.....yes......YES! I'm fine," she lied. She asked if she could be excused for a moment and without waiting for an answer, she snatched her things from the well worn desk and rushed out the door. Jordyn didn't notice that Mr. Jacobs had followed her out.

Michelle Massaro said...
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Michelle Massaro said...

"Good goin, Jordyn," she whispered to herself as her heels clacked down the hall of the Christian college. She doubted Ruth felt so fuzzy-headed laying at Boaz's feet as she herself did sitting under Daniel's teaching. And he'd noticed her distraction! Ugh, how embarrassing!

katharine said...

"Wait a second, hold up!"

Jordyn heard Daniel call her from down the hall. She stopped and turned, waiting on him.
He walked toward her. Not too close, she hoped. It was far easier to look him in the eye when he was ten feet away. That's the trouble with tall people.

"Have you selected your topic for your research paper?" He peered over his glasses. But then he squinted. Then he pushed his glasses back on his nose. "That's better. Your paper. Have you selected the topic yet?"

Jordyn was taken aback. The paper wasn't due for weeks. Why would he need to know now? Why is he so concerned? Did he chase other women out of his class to answer that question? Jordyn was nervous, nervous like she might say the wrong thing, like she do the wrong thing, like she might babble incoherently.

"I picked agricultural practices."

"That's a little broad, don't you think?" His glasses slipped down his face, but that couldn't be helped. He had to look down to talk to her.

She swallowed. "Specifically gleaning and how it builds togetherness."


"I mean, community." She swallowed again. He would read every word she wrote. "The gleaning was the central activity of the village. It's where people came together."

"Together." He smiled. "Look forward to reading it. See you Wednesday."

Then he turned and went back into the lecture hall.

Jordyn felt her legs go wobbly.

Claudia Rizzi said...

Jordyn watched Mr. Jacobs walk back into his classroom without even a glance back in her direction.

"Why does he distract me so?" she wondered to herself. "I really need to get refocused here. I need to spend some time alone with Jesus. Jordyn turned around and walked briskly to her car.

She threw her books and things onto the seat next to her and just sat there. Jordyn's eyes closed as she prayed silently. She sat there for a long time and must have fallen asleep because she woke with a start to the sound of someone knocking on her window.

Katharine said...

It was Rhonda.

Jordyn did not need her RA in her face again. Rhonda's face was scrunched up like a wad of paper.

Jordyn rolled down her car window. "Hi."

"You can't do that."

"I can't sit in my car?"

"You can't date instructors. You know this. You signed the honor code."
Rhonda's furrowed brow and little black widow's peak made her look evil. But Jordyn shouldn't think that. Rhonda was made in the image of God, even though she looked like she needed a slap.

"I'm not dating anybody, certainly not an instructor."

"Oh really?" Rhonda tilted her head in such a way that Jordyn wanted to pull her hair. That wasn't as bad as a slap, was it?

"Really! I have bigger and better things to for God than that!" Jordyn turned on the car's ignition and pulled out of the parking space. She cranked up Michael W. Smith and gunned her Escort as much as she thought was acceptable at their conservative little Bible College.

Michelle Massaro said...

After five blocks and countless "cleansing breaths", Jordyn calmed down enough to realize she had carpooled to campus with her roommate Lilly . . . and had just left her stranded. As she headed back she found her Escort not threading through traffic, but sheaves. And a manly voice was saying "Glean in my field only, Daughter."

Wait, no. It was saying "Get a move on, Ditz!" She'd stopped at the green and held up a line of cars.

Katharine said...

"Glean in my field only, Daughter."

If there was ever a confirmation for Jordyn that she should lay down her life for the unreached peoples of the world, this was it. The harvest was ready and the workers were few, right? She was going to go, right after graduation, right after she finished her language studies and missionary training. She was on her way, out of this little college town, out from under the watchful eyes of legalistic do-gooders like Rhonda, away from distracting Old Testament professors whose eyes were so distracting. Once she was in the mission field, doing big things for God, she wouldn't have any of this and God could use her to change lives.

Lilly was standing at the corner of Calvin and Knox Streets. Her arms were crossed and Jordyn could tell from a block away that she was angry.

Claudia Rizzi said...

"I didn't mean to forget you," were the pathetic words Jordyn uttered to Lilly.

Lilly hopped into the seat next to Jordyn, carelessly throwing both of their things to the back seat.

"Seriously, Jordyn? You forgot me? What is UP with you, girl? Your head has been somewhere in the clouds lately.

Interesting choice of words, Jordyn thought to herself. Her head HAS been in the clouds. But have her thoughts been heavenward, as she felt they should be, or have they been in the clouds over 'him'?"

CarolM said...

[I missed the line the first time - dunno why - can only plead exhaustion - which is why I haven't gotten back to you again on the other either. Will let you know when I get my scores. In the meantime, I got nuttin. I'll check back later and see if I can add something construcive. Right now, it would either be 'she woke up' or was hit by a Mack truck...]

CarolM said...

[I just got my Genesis back about an hour ago. Not sure when I'm gonna look at them...]

katharine said...

"Wait!" Lilly pointed out the window. "Let me out here. I'll walk home later."

"What? Why?"

"Intramural football! See!" Lilly gathered her books.

"You're going to play?" Jordyn was confused. How could Lilly play in her skirt?

"No, dummy. I'm going to watch!" She was out the door before Jordyn has fully stopped the car. Of course she was going to watch. As much as they both hated the phrase, MRS degree, this was exactly what Lilly was after.

But not Jordyn. Not now. Not ever. Not even if Daniel, the very tall Old Testament professor chased down a million hallways.

Michelle Massaro said...

Katharine, I moved your addition to the new post I created today. =)

Anyone else stopping by, please visit this post to add a line: http://michellemassaro.blogspot.com/2011/04/jordyn-esquire-and-daniel-t.html