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Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Two-Day Vacation, Pt.2

We arrived at our hotel and got checked in. My parents headed to the hotel restaurant but we Massaros had already comitted our wallets to the "value menu" at the drive-thru for dinner this night. Here the dollar menu was really the dollar and thirty cent menu, but still.

The girls had been uber excited to swim in the hotel's indoor pool, so even though it was already a quarter till eight, I told them to put on their swimsuits while Dad picked up the chicken sandwiches.

Oh horror! Amy had forgotten to get her suit out of the dryer back at home! Pouting and blaming on her part were transferred to Kait with my decision that they would take turns in Kait's suit. Kait did not like this, famously spewing the words "that's not fair!" but a teachable moment was to be had. We are a family, you are sisters, this is what we do. Get over it. Moving on.

Walking into the pool area assaults my eyes and lungs with a thick cloud of chlorine-saturated air. Wowza! It was muggy. It was warm. "Get-me-out-of-here" humidity wrapped around me. Kait and Dad and Brandon and Trevor swam while Amy played her DSi and I took pictures. When Trevor decided he'd had enough, I took him back to the room. Amy took her turn in the pool shortly afterwards and by nine or so everyone was back to their respective rooms.

Soon, Brandon came from across the hall in my parents' room to complain of an upset stomach. Well, shoot- we have no Tums! Mike must drive around looking for some medicine. When is it time to take that deep breath and sigh contentedly while reclining on the hotel bed? Oh well. Poor guy. Dad returns with Pepto, girls argue over which side of the bed to sleep on, everyone goes to sleep. Tomorrow we're seeing the Canyon!!

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Katie Ganshert said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog yesterday! Hope you're enjoying your vacation and everybody's stomach behaves today!

Michelle Massaro said...

You're welcome Katie, and thank YOU for stopping by here today! I look forward to getting to know you a bit through the blogosphere. =)

Have a blessed day!

Terri Tiffany said...

LOL Your vacation reminds me of some of ours when my daughter was small. SOmetimes we wondered if we should even call it a vacation!!:)) but wonderful memories.

April W Gardner said...

You're on vacation?!!! And you've been helping me? You crazy lady! Makes me appreciate your help so much more. Enjoy the canyon!

Michelle Massaro said...

Thanks for the well-wishes everyone, but I should set the record straight. I'm not on vacation now, this was on Sunday and Monday. I guess I wrote it in a confusing way! We are back home now and had a fun, if imperfect, trip. It gets better, as you will see in the next post! =)