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Friday, July 2, 2010


The Lamb of God
Slaughtered by men
The Lamb of God
Killed for our sins

And the blood that flowed,
The blood that poured,
Was freely given for us-
The ones He adored.

The blood that dripped
From the tear-stained face
Of the Son of God
Who died in our place.

God veiled in flesh,
The Living One died,
I AM became nothing,
The love was despised.

And the blood of the Lamb
Who was sent from above
Was taken in hate…
But given in love.

The blood that was shed,
The blood that fell,
All this so that I
Might be saved from hell.

by: Michelle Massaro


Dana said...

That is an awesome poem! I love it!

Michelle Massaro said...

Dana, thank you!