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Thursday, June 10, 2010

We Wear the Cross

Today's featured piece is a poem by Jody Day entitled We Wear the Cross. This poem really made me stop and think about the way I represent Christ and I asked Jody if she would allow me to share it here. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Feel free to leave a comment for Jody at the end of this post...


We Wear the Cross

I saw a fight today,
Two men were brash and bold.
Their violence was strange,
Each wore a cross of gold.

Another day I saw a girl,
A 'lady of the night'.
She walked the darkened street,
Her silver cross shone bright.

We all wear crosses now
To decorate our days,
But what of meaning and of creed
And changing of our ways?

Where do we take our Savior
When we wear His sign;
The symbol of His sacrifice,
His love for us divine?

The love of Christ a fad?
The blood a new couture?
He calls us to proclaim His Name
And live a life that's pure.

Christ bore the cross for us
And bids us go and tell;
Let's wear the cross in truth
So all in Him may dwell.


Jody Day is a freelance writer based in west Texas. For her complete bio, and to read more of her work, visit her Faithwriter's Portfolio.


Nikki Grimes said...

Strong piece! The poet gives us lots to chew on. We all need to be challenged to walk the walk.
Nikki Grimes

Jody said...

Michelle, thanks for posting my poem. I was inspired to write it after realizing I wss seeing the sign of our redemption all over the place with no regard for it's meaning. It is a challenge, Nikki, thanks for your comment.

Dana said...

What a profound statement. Thanks for the reminder.

Kris & Shawn said...

What a powerful statement this makes! Thank you for the reminder that we need to be so aware of how we are representing (or misrepresenting) Christ wherever we go. I loved the poem! Thanks for sharing.

naomi said...

Wow..we do really need to be mindful who is watching us and remember who we represent..I love how you remind us of that..it makes me wonder if those three people were actually at one time Christians..or even profesing Christians now..and not being "Christ like" . Alot of things to think about.great poem