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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today was quiet

Today I got those pesky letters in the mailbox. But before they went out, I had to take a photo of my very professional looking envelopes. Don't I look classy?

I met up with a friend of mine this morning who I never knew was also a writer. It was so much fun connecting over our shared experiences! I've known her for several years but we've not really gotten to know each other much till now. We shared query letters and swapped book exerpts and all in all it was simply great having someone to talk to who is walking the same path I am. I can't wait to meet with her again next week; I hope we keep each other motivated and encouraged throughout this process! :)

I also commented on a post at the She Reads site, trying to win a free book. We'll see how that goes! I was asked to tell "what summer means to me". I don't know if they choose a winner at random or if they pick a comment they like, but this is what I wrote:

[Most of the time, I might be considered a “homebody”. Give me a comfy couch and a good book over a hike or camping trip any day of the week!

But summer is the time for me to peel back my usually serious and contemplative nature and step out into the world of carefree fun.

It’s when I enjoy the feel of the sun warming my skin and a quick dip in the pool refreshing me. It’s when I don’t mind the kids making a little more mess as they splash and play outside, run barefoot all day long, or make chalk drawings all over the driveway.

Summer is the time when I connect more to “real life”- the things that matter- like family and love and building memories and relationships. Things just wouldn’t be the same without summer seasons- in nature, or in life!

So far there are over 550 comments, so it's a long shot. But it was fun and quick and ya never know!


Dana said...

Sounds like fun to me. You should win!

Michelle Massaro said...

Thanks! I'll post the results when I find out. =)