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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whatevah Wednesday, Hmm

First, let me invite you to check out my interview on COTT today. April Gardner was kind enough to interview me and she did a great job making me not sound like a loon. :-P

Okay. Today for Whatevah Wednesday I'd love to hear your thoughts on something. What do you think of this story idea?

A woman shuffles out to the family minivan in her pajamas, herding the kids to school. In her rush, she almost doesn't notice that papers are protruding from the drawer beneath her teenage son's seat. The mug she'd left in the console the night before is rolling around on the floorboard. The bottle of lotion she's had in the door pocket since last Christmas is in the backseat.

She scrunches her brow and glances at the change dish. The pennies are gone. Had there been any quarters there? Her heart skips a beat. It dawns on her she hadn't needed to use the key to open the door this morning; the van had been left unlocked all night.

Home now from the school run, she investigates further and discovers something even more unbelievable than having her van broken into. A credit card that doesn't belong to her.


Nothing seems to be missing other than perhaps a few pennies. Maybe this guy felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit as he lifted up her Bible and sifted through the church bulletins stuffed inside the glove box. More likely she just didn't have anything in there worth taking. But not only was this guy unlucky, he was stupid. She had his name, his debit card, evidence.

She comes up with an idea. Look him up on Facebook. Everyone's on FB these days, why not see what she can find?  She types in the name, wondering how many Mr. X's she'll have to look through. Suddenly, she sees the most shocking thing of all:

"Mr. X (2 friends in common)"

Her jaw drops. Is it possible? Which two friends do they  have in common? She gasps. Their mutual friends are from church!

What should she do? What would YOU do?

Well folks, strangely enough this actually happened, with a few minor details changed (it was my husband who found the credit cards this morning).

For the record, it turns out Mr. X had been a victim of this same punk earlier. His wife saw some kid in their driveway who took off running--but apparently continued looking for unlocked vehicles through the neighborhood and found mine. Why he left behind the cards I'm not sure. I'm guessing it was an accident. But what are the odds?? It is the strangest thing I've ever heard.

Two people who've never met, connected by Facebook friends and burglary.

Sounds like a book to me!


Maria I. Morgan said...

Wow! Interesting idea for a book! Can't believe it actually happened to you. Were they able to catch the guy? Wonder if he'll read this post...Thankful nothing was taken other than change. God bless!

Michelle Massaro said...

Hi Maria! I know, isn't it the strangest thing? If I read that in a book I might think there's no way that would happen, but... it did. They didn't catch the guy, we didn't even call police. They wouldn't devote the energy since nothing valuable was missing anyway. Hopefully he gets caught next time! lol

Thanks for stopping by, it's nice to meet you! =)