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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Whatevah Wednesday: Kitchen Cabinets

A couple weeks ago I was in a fit of discontent. Everywhere I looked I saw things I wanted to change or fix. The yard is full of holes thanks to the dogs, there's not enough space for our homeschool supplies so they're piled up all over the place, the tile on the bathroom walls is tacky. I HATED MY HOUSE!

My daughter astutely pointed out that I was sounding like Madame Blueberry.

It's true that we need to be content with what we have and not shake a fist at God for not supplying us with a house like so-n-so has. But there's also nothing wrong with sprucing up!

So I began a mission.

I decided to redo our kitchen cabinets myself.  Now let me tell you, this big job has turned out to be a HUGE job. And I'm here to document it for you. (Lucky for you all, this will take only a couple minutes of your time and not a couple weeks like it has for me.)

First, the "before" picture. >>>>>>

What you can't see in this picture is how disgusting the cabinets really are. They have years of kitchen gunk built up in the creases. I've cleaned them with degreaser and old toothbrushes but stuff just seems to stick to this old paint. It's bubbled and peeling in places, too. So it's not just that we're a messy family of six, it's also probably not the best paint job.

Okay, here's a wider shot. (Ahhh, I can't believe I'm doing this!) Yes, this is my kitchen. In this shot I've already removed the two cabinet doors I'm starting with. Okay, back to the paint...

I couldn't simply work over it. I needed to strip it. So I bought some paint stripper and got to work, figuring it would come right off.  LOLOLOLOL

Years Days later, I was able to prime and paint the two cabinet doors I started on. This took time because each coat had to dry for a few hours before the next one, and I had to do two sides. And I had to do two coats of paint. But after all that, the fun part began!

I'm using a kit by Rustoleum and it comes with an optional glaze which makes the cabinets look awesome! It was fun to play with how much glaze to apply and where to leave brush strokes, etc. And they came out looking sooo good!

Now I'm working on the frame inside the kitchen so I can get the cabinets put back up. My goal is to have them done by Friday. I can't wait to post that picture! Sure, I still have many more cabinets to go, but getting this Section #1 done will feel really fabulous.

Can't wait to show you the finished product! Thanks for watching my progress and cheering me on. =)


Jessica R. Patch said...

Lookin good, Kotter! I have no idea why that line from Welcome back, Kotter hit me! lol

Gonna be gorgeous, girlfriend! Woohoo!!

Brandi said...

Great job, Michelle! They look a hundred times better. Can't wait to see the finished product :-)

Susan said...

Gorgeous! You've inspired me to tackle a project - or two - around here. Just gotta head off to StuffMart and I should be all set:)

Michelle Massaro said...

Thanks ladies! Sorry for my delayed response. I'm so happy with it. I just got my doors put back up today and I can't get over it. I feel like I have a new kitchen (well in that corner, lol).

I'm doing the two drawers directly above the cabinets now. Primed them tonight and will try to finish them over the weekend. I'll take a pic of the finished product and post for you all to see. A trip to StuffMart and you could do it too!

Of course, I know Jessica has already done lots of projects and probably doesn't need her kitchen cabinets repainted. :-)

Wanton Redhead Writing said...

Your cabinets are looking super, but I think I would have hired someone. How did you find the courage to take down the doors, weren't you scared they wouldn't go back up?

Michelle Massaro said...

After staring at them with loathing for 8 years, I didn't care anymore! lol That was the big factor, really. I wouldn't have had the courage if it was just a whim. But hating them as much as I did for as long as I did finally gave me that explosion of determination. =)

Tammy Barley said...

It'll be fun to see the "new" kitchen--you sure have more ambition than I do!

Michelle Massaro said...

Thanks Tammy, I'll be posting more photos soon! =)

Tammy Barley said...

Ever since I read your post, I've been staring appraisingly at my own cabinets. (Lord, stop me from doing something ambitious!) =)