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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whatevah Wednesday: What's in a name?

As I begin work on a new book, I've been sifting through baby name sites, making lists, saying names aloud... trying to find my characters. This isn't easy for me. I don't know about other authors, but I have the hardest time choosing "the" name for my characters. Usually it's for one of two reasons. Either I'm too close to them, or I don't know them well enough yet.

This week I've been on the hunt for a name for my heroine, one that isn't too drab nor too fancy. And for her husband, a name that is solid, strong, dependable, and slightly boring. Then they need a last name, too! One that rolls off the tongue and might be seen on the cover of a book, but not sound snooty or rich. And of course it has to flow well with both the couple's first names. See how hard this is?

So I thought I'd poll my visitors on some possible names.
(if you pick "other" make sure you leave a suggestion.)

For my heroine: a modern day wife, mother, and aspiring author. Middle class.
Female Lead:

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For her husband: a solid, hard working, quiet kind of guy.
The Husband

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Last names:
Last Names

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Katie Ganshert said...

I voted!

Jessica Nelson said...

I like Meghan and Paul Fletcher. :-) I started to vote but it brought me to a funky pop-up so I'm just telling ya. ;-)

Susan said...

Always the hardest for me too! Sounds like it should be the most fun and creative part, but I end up renaming mine in the middle of the script sometimes. Anyway, I liked Robert and Brooke Mitchell - throwing in that last name:) I tried to vote but it wouldn't let me...could be my old computer though. (Meghan was a close 2nd for girl's name for me)

Donna said...

I voted ... "other" for first names and chose one of your last names. Piper and Sterling Townsend. :)

Sheri Salatin said...

I voted for Meghan and Steve Powers. :) Hope that helps!!

Joanne Sher said...

Names are hard for me too - almost as hard as book titles (and that's hard LOL). I voted for Holly and Steve Fletcher. Hope you get a good idea for the names here!

Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

I voted for Dan & Meghan Townsend. I like "Stone" better but thought it was maybe too 'strong' unless your character needs to exhibit a lot of strength...or if she has a heart of "stone"...I think that word just provides a lot of mind pictures & 6th sense...so that could be really good or really bad. Townsend to me is just very "normal" so if you're going for normal...that's what I would pick. ;-) Fun with the voting! ;-)

Michelle Massaro said...

Thanks everyone! I'm seeing a lot of "Meghan" answers but still quite spread out with hubby and the surname. I like them all and apparently so do you, lol. We may need some tie-breakers. =)

Michelle Massaro said...

Sue, how cool that you suggested Zoey... I named one of her daughters that! *grin*