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Monday, August 8, 2011

My School Monday: the countdown has begun

Today I am over at K. Dawn's blog talking about COTT Champ Shellie Neumeier's YA title, Driven. I hope you'll stop by and say "hi" to me there!

In our house, school starts for the high-schoolers this Wednesday. I'm starting Kaitlyn that day, too. So we are really down to the wire with whatever prep we still need.

We picked up some paper and notebooks for everyone, and new colored pencils and construction paper. There wasn't a whole lot since I gave my giant binder to my son to use. The big thing though, is my son needs a graphing calculator and we can't afford one. They're so expensive! If they could use an ipod there are free apps we could use. I really wish they'd let him do that. It's not a phone.

Aside from that, I've been setting up SoS (Switched On Schoolhouse) with my "custom curriculum" for Kaitlyn. A time-consuming process, but sooo fun for me. I LOVE seeing the calendar populate with daily lessons for the whole year! I'm a nerd, what can I say? We also went to the Open House for the new Corona learning center of River Springs. Several approved venders were there and I'm so excited to get Kait into a couple of these classes. Check it out:  horse-back riding, ceramics, photography, theater, and piano lessons. The tough part will be choosing because I don't think we can do more than two per semester. But I'm excited about this homeschooling year, and praying that it bears a huge harvest of fruit in Kaitlyn's heart, her walk with God, and our relationship. Not to mention academics, but that should go without saying.

I'm praying about how to handle Amy's being in public school for 6th after all. Although this doesn't do anything for the social concerns, I am planning to sort of co-teach her. Bring some lessons alongside what they do in class, but of my choosing and from Christian worldview. Mostly this applies to history since I know they'll cover "early man," and later dive into Greek gods. I'm going to attempt to have her work through the Bible curriculum I got for Kaitlyn, working on it twice a week in the afternoons. Have you done anything like this? Please share!

So what have you been doing to get ready? New haircuts, shoes, pencil boxes?
Also, share your favorite sack lunches for school days!

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Jessica Nelson said...

No, I don't homeschool but my oldest is going into 2nd and since he's really struggled with reading, I just printed up sight words this morning for him to practice. Eeek! I can't believe school is starting! My fave sack lunches to make are meat and cheese sandwiches, bottle water, a veggie and a treat. :-)