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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fiction Friday: Zendah Encounter

Thanks to the following contributors to last week's Story Improv! 

Captain Buigly aimed his laser, carefully lining up the cross-hairs. Once he engaged the beam, it would take eight seconds to turn the hull of The Sender into space dust. His training should have taken over by now. Instead, he fought the tremor in his trigger finger as sweat beaded on his upper lip.

He was under orders from the Admiral. Blow those terrorists from Zendah to bits. The only problem was that Lt. Collins and his small recon team were still on-board.
And, contrary to every rule book in the fleet, Lt. Collins' young son was on board and waiting for news of his father. The thought of facing that wide-eyed, innocent little boy, looking into those big blue eyes and telling him that his father was dead, was making Captain Buigly sweat...and hesitate.

Suddenly, our intrepid hero adjusted his aim to take out the power couplings that held the energy core together. Now, the terrorists could neither leave nor fire any of their weapons against anyone in defense. He had bought some precious time to save the recon team and to save himself from the horror of looking into that little boy's eyes.

It would take only minutes for the Admiral to discover this and send another team to finish the job. The Captain raced to the small shuttle; if he could get to the enemy ship in time, then maybe...

As he was about to launch the shuttle his radio crackled to life and he heard the broken message from Lt. Collins...blocking out the static as best he could, he almost staggered with relief as he heard his friend's voice. The recon team had managed to steal a shuttle from the Zendan ship and were clearing the shuttle bay at that very moment. They needed 20 seconds - then the captain could annihilate the enemy ship. Mission accomplished. They were ALL going home.

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Have a blessed weekend--it's my anniversary tomorrow!


Donna said...

I love this! Happy Anniversary tomorrow!

Sherri said...

This was so fun Michelle. What a great idea. Thanks for setting it up, and I will definitely be back!

Happy Anniversary! How long?