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Saturday, January 15, 2011

This Week's Clash Winner

Hear ye, hear ye!  Clash of the Titles has just crowned Delia Latham CHAMPION!

For her excerpt from Destiny's Dream, Delia Latham received the cyber-laurel in a Clash against fellow contender Tracy Kraus for best Conversion Scene.  In an impressive display of sportsmanship, both Tracy and Delia praised each other's work and assure us that both books-- Destiny's Dream and My Mother the Man Eater-- are worth a read.

Of her experience on COTT, Delia says: These competitions are wonderful - I love participating, and they're a lot of fun. But at the end of the day, it's PEOPLE that matter.

And it's clear that she means that.  With praise for fellow authors and a winning scene depicting the redemption of a lost soul, Delia is not shy about delivering what people need most- the gospel.  In her interview with COTT Senior Editor April Gardner, Delia says: I do feel that call. I consider my writing a ministry, and every book seems to come with some kind of gospel message, though not always one of a call to salvation. Many times it’s a nudge to greater faith and trust, or forgiveness. Why? God gave me the talent for writing. In my mind, that’s a clear call to write for HIM. 

Visit Clash of the Titles to read her full interview here

About her book:


Is a little respect too much to ask at a funeral? Apparently it is for Destiny May. Clay Gallagher is built like a small mountain and far more vocal than is fitting when he shows up late to her mother's "going away party." When it turns out he's not even at the right funeral, Destiny demands retribution in the form of an escape from the day's dreary proceedings. Spending time with a handsome stranger who makes her laugh is more therapeutic than fighting with her overbearing family. Clay finds Destiny beautiful, charming...and intelligent. So why is she stubbornly determined to open a Christian dating service? Clay has little respect for such a frivolous profession, and doesn't think the small, conservative town of Castle Creek will welcome such a progressive business. But when Destiny is threatened by an anonymous caller who deeply resents her and what she does for a living, Clay makes it his business to keep the saucy redhead out of harm's way. Trouble is, spending time in her company weakens his defenses, and Destiny may be the one thing Clay can't escape... if he even wants to.

Delia is partnering with the John 3:16 Marketing Network to host an Amazon book launch for Destiny's Dream on Tuesday, Jan. 18th.  More information regarding the launch can be accessed through her website: www.delialatham.net

COTT's next Clash begins Monday with excerpts for the Most Gut-Wrenching scene.  Make sure you stop by and vote- and don't forget the tissues!


Delia Latham said...

Michelle, I'm honored - and truly humbled - by your kind words. Thank you! I so enjoyed my experience with COTT, and especially loved getting to know the wonderful women behind the blog. You ladies ROCK! :)

Michelle Massaro said...

Thanks, Delia. We think you're pretty great too! Good luck on your amazon launch Tuesday, btw. =)

Delia Latham said...

Thank you! I'm definitely excited about it and, of course, hoping for great results.

Michelle Massaro said...

I think you will. =) April had her launch recently and it went very well. I'd be happy to host your launch posts for you too, if you'd like. Let me know!

Mary Manners said...


No one deserves this win more. Congratulations!!!

Delia Latham said...

Thanks, Mary!