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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Work of a Writer-When Not Writing

Good morning!  I hope you all have been enjoying the beautiful change of weather we've been having.  I know I sure have.  I was starting to think Fall would never arrive!  And there's something about the season that really invites a good read, isn't there?  A cozy blanket, a hot mug of coffee/cider/cocoa, a crackling fire, and a gripping novel... doesn't that sound grand?

Then I realized... someone judging with Operation First Novel has probably finished MY book by now.  I pray they found it gripping!  I am still waiting patiently to hear word whether or not I am a semi-finalist in the OFN contest.  I have another month to wait!  What am I working on now? Well, I've begun outlining my next novel and there's nothing I'd like more than to dig in and throw myself 100% into the process, but LIFE has been keeping me pretty busy away from writing. Today, however, is one of my daughters' last day of school for a month and maybe that means more time for me to write.

There's plenty of non-writing work for a writer to do though, and a big part of that is making connections. Relationships. Entwining your circle with those of other authors and people involved with the business of making books. And what a blessing it is! I am making some amazing friends through COTT. Friends I admire and am happy to glean wisdom from.  Friends who have gone before me out into the world of publishing and whose journeys I can learn from.  It's so exciting!  If you are an aspiring author trying to write the next Great American Novel in the solitude of your closet, expecting to one day burst onto the scene and be adored by millions... don't.  Don't isolate yourself, don't keep company only with your characters (though I know how tempting that can be sometimes!) Get out and meet people, help people, learn from people.

Well, I have a day filled with preparation for a Bingo tonight, and I can't wait!  I am looking forward to laughing and visiting, to giving away lots of goodies to brighten people's days, and I'm feeling blessed by all those coming out to support me and my book.  Thank you!


Lisa Lickel said...

I always say putting new words on clean paper is the smallest part of the writing job...there's so much more that goes on all around you, from thinking to research to editing to networking to marketing....if one could just write...

Michelle Massaro said...

So true, Lisa! Who knew fundraising was part of it too? lol

I am so glad to count you my friend. Thank you! =)