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Friday, February 3, 2012

Fiction Friday

It's been a long time since I've posted a Fiction Friday. For those who follow my journey, I thought I'd give an update (and invite you for a playdate afterwards).

Just before summer, I decided to step back a bit on my publishing efforts. I felt I needed to focus on my homeschool and my 2 year old, knowing that these years slip away so silently.

Then my good friend, Jessica R Patch, was signed by Rachel Kent of Book and Such Agency and I was so excited for her! After an adrenaline boost like that, it was hard to resist hitting the pavement in an effort to "keep up." But walking with her through her adventure confirmed that it wasn't the right year for me. It's a thrilling ride requiring a lot of work that I didn't have time to commit to. Not while trying to teach Algebra, and potty training too. So I waited.

But my dream lives.

So, I've continued in my role as Assistant Editor for Clash of the Titles, done plenty of edits and critiques, and worked in spurts on a new novel project (which I am VERY excited about!)

Now what's on the horizon?

Homeschooling looks to be coming to a close in the Massaro home. My 8th grader will move on to the public High School in about six months--yikes--and my 6th grader is so against coming home for Jr High that I think it might backfire if I insist. As mom, I'll always have the perogative to yank her out of school if I catch her smoking, swearing, and sneaking off with boys, hehe. But as of today, it looks like I won't have a student next school year. More time on my hands? I don't know.

Trevor will be three in May. Still very young and in those sneaky years a mom's heart always longs to return to, and which I strive not to miss. But diapers are gone and playgroup days may open up, so we're definitely feeling the winds of change approaching. (They make me itchy.)

I've really been itching to let my WIP take off. Some days I've thrown myself into it and others I must pull back. But guess what? I still have ideas and words in me! That feels amazing! I'm working the rust out of my gears.

So it's no surprise I'm entering the Genesis contest and praying for a good jump in scores. I'm also working on that second novel, hoping to have it ready to pitch by the ACFW conference in September (which I'm planning to attend), studying craft continuously, and looking for opportunities that fit my availability. And of course I continue critiquing and editing for close friends.

I'm promoting excellent Christian Fiction.

I've got a couple interviews upcoming. Next week April Gardner is interviewing me over at COTT and I'll be recording my first-ever podcast with Cynthia Simmons. I'll be sure to share the link when that goes live a few weeks from now.

Fiction Fridays--well, my blog in general--is one of those things I allowed to take a back seat to my busier home schedule. I do hope to spend more time with you in 2012. I've missed you! So thanks for coming by.

And now, a challenge:

Take the following YA story prompt and expand it. Post the final product on your blog (hopefully next week) and leave me the link here. Ready. Set. Go!

Jemma tossed her braid over her shoulder and lifted her chin. Gluing her gaze to the front of the room, she refused to look at Polly. Let the girl stare at the back of her head all day, she wouldn’t care. She'd never forgive her. Why had she ever trusted her with her biggest secret? Jemma didn’t plan on ever trusting anyone again. Some things were meant to stay locked up inside.


Jessica Nelson said...

Awwww, the baby is growing up. It still boggles me that next year mine will be in kindergarten. *sniffle* Then they'll all be in school! Yikes.
Sounds like you've had a busy but wonderful year, and I hope 2012 goes just as well. :-)

Michelle Massaro said...

Hi Jessica! Yes, he is growing up soooo fast. I'm trying to get in as many snuggles as possible before time runs out. Whenever I get into mommy overload, I look at my 16 year old and think how much I wish I could cuddle him again. Smooch those cheeks while you can! At 16 scooping them up in your arms and covering them with kisses just becomes too awkward, lol.